About staying

When do I pay for my accommodation?

We would like you to pay for it when you check out.
We also accept to make a payment via bank transfer prior to arrival. Please contact us by email if you would like prepayment.

Does the hotel accept credit cards?

VISA, Master, NICOS, SAISON, JAL, CF and APLUS are available.

Does the hotel have a curfew?

Yes. Our curfew is 12a.m in midnight.
If you go back to the hotel after this, please consider with other guests and keep quiet.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No, you do not have to pay a deposit.

Does the hotel offer breakfast or dinner?

We only have accommodation plans with breakfast.
If you would like to have dinner, please use a restaurant outside.
There are a lot of restaurants around the hotel.


What time is check-in / check-out?

[check-in] 14:00~
[check-out] ~10:00
If you would like to check-in late at night, please contact us in advance.

Can I use a public bath or changing room before check-in or after check-out?

Before check-in…Available from 12:00 PM
After check-out…Available until 16:00 PM

*When you use the public bath at that time, please note that We charge 300 yen as a bath towel fee.

Can I go into my room before check-in?

But we can keep guests’ luggage in the big hall before check-in.

Should I contact the hotel if I check-in late?

Please call the hotel if your arrival is very late or arrival is past AM 12:00.
We can not confirm mail immediately, so please be sure to call us.

Is late check-out available?

Please contact the front desk when you check-in.
*We need extra fee for the late check-out.
*Late checkout may not be acceptable depending on availability.

Cancel reservation

When will a cancellation fee be applied?

If you cancell in the 30 days before arrival date, a cancellation fee will be charged.

[Cancellation policy only for this official website]
・No notice : 100% of total fee
・Cancel on the date of stay : 100% of total fee
・1-7 days before the date of stay : 100% of total fee
・8-30 days before the date of stay : 50% of total fee

*If you use another booking website, please check the cancellation policy of each websites.

Can you put me on the waiting list?

No. Please check the updated availability at our website and make a reservation on the internet by yourself.

Access to hotel

Is there parking in the hotel?

There is a free parking lot for 30 cars.
* Sorry, we do not accept reservations.
* It is first-come-first-served.

Is there a pick-up service or a shuttle bus?

We are sorry, we do not have any pick up service.
Please use public transportation or taxi or car rental.

Where is the nearest station?

・If you take a train, we recommend to get off at the “Kutchan station”, not at the “Hirafu station”.
It is easier to find a bus or taxi at the “Kutchan station”.

・If you take a bus, please check the details or Bus timetable from the link below.
→What bus should I take?

The nearest bus stop to our hotel is the “Welcome Center” of Grand Hirafu.
It takes 5 minutes on foot to the hotel.

Guest Rooms

Is there a bathroom and a toilet in the guest room?

It depends on each guest room.

→Guest Rooms

Is there a smoking or non-smoking room?

All guest rooms are non-smoking.
There is a Smoking Area in the “Nupuri Wing”.

Is there a shower toilet in a guest room?

All rooms in the Yotei Wing have shower toilets.
*There are no private bathrooms in the rooms of Nupuri Wing.

Can I see a view of Mt. Yotei from the guest room?

There are some rooms with Mt.Yotei view at Yotei Wing(New Wing) but not all the rooms.
Please understand we cannot guarantee the room request of Mt.Yotei view.
* Note: There is no view of Mt.Yotei from Nupuri Wing.

Public Bath

When can I use the public bath?

The public bath is open 24 hours except during cleaning hours (9am to 12 noon daily).
Guests can use it before check-in / after check-out if paying 200 yen.

→Can I use a public bath or changing room before check-in or after check-out?

Is there a bath towel and some amenities in the public bath?

There is no towel in the public bath, so please bring it from your room.
About amenity, please confirm here.

Can I take a day trip to use the public bath?

The public bath is available for only the guests who stay in our hotel.

Facilities and Services

Can I use the Internet in the hotel?

Guests can use Wi-Fi free of charge.

Is there a locker room?

Yes, There are two large spaces for luggage storage and change rooms for men and women.

Is there a microwave oven / ice machine / vending machine?

Microwave oven: Nupuri Wing 2F, located near the drying room.
Icemaker: Nupuri Wing 2F,located near the smoking area.
Vending machine: 1F (soft drink, beer, etc.)

Is there any place to wax skis or snowboards in the hotel?

Yes. Please use a drying room on 1st floor in the Nupuri Wing.

Is there a coin laundry room?

Yes. It is on the 1st floor of “Nupuri Wing”.
· 3 washing machines / 200 yen per time
· 2 clothes drying machines /100yen per 10 minutes.

Is there a gift shop in the hotel?

Yes. It is on the first floor.

Can I arrange a celebration cake at the hotel?

Sorry, we can not.


Can I send my luggage to the hotel prior to arrival?

Please write your reservation name and check-in date on your luggage when you send it.
* You can also send your luggage from the hotel when you check out. “Yamato Transport” comes to pick up twice a day.

[Address] 188 Yamada, Kutchan-cho Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, 044-0081, Japan
Can I send a package from the hotel?

Yes. You can also send your luggage from the hotel when you check out. “Yamato Transport” comes to pick up twice a day.

Can I leave my luggage before check-in or after check-out?

Yes. We keep it in the big room.
Please ask at the front desk.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Can I rent ski/snowboard gears at the hotel?

No. We do not have rental service.

Please contact the rental store we recommend “Winter First” directly.
Winter First: http://winter1st.com/en/
*Sorry, we can not make a rental reservetion for guests.

Is there any skiing/snowboarding lesson?

Yes. Please confirm with the website.
Niseko Grand Hirafu
Niseko Village

*Sorry, we can not make reservetion for guests.

How far is the ski area from the hotel?

The back side of our hotel is directly connected to the ski slopes.
You can slide down the slope with your skis or snowboard on from the hotel.
There is Niseko Grand HIRAFU ski resort, and the lift station is nearby.

Note : When you return from the ski area to the back of the hotel, you need to climb a slope. There are no lifts.

Can I buy a lift ticket at the hotel?

We sell discounts. Guests can buy it at the front desk of the hotel.

* We only accept cash.
* We can sell only Adult tickets. (Elementary / junior high school students / senior tickets are not on sale)
* If you want many tickets, please let us know at the front by the day before.
If you contact by e-mail please let us know one week in advance.
* We can prepare “6 day tickets” and “7 day tickets” if you consult us in advance.

Do you have package sale including accommodation fee and lift ticket?

NO, we don’t offer package sale.

Around the hotel

Is there any convenience store close by?

There are convenience stores(Seiko mart and Lawson) within about 5 minutes walk.

Could you make a restaurant reservation?

Please contact the restaurant by yourself.

Is there any ATM or foreign currency exchange around the hotel?


・Seico Mart (convenience store):5 minutes on foot from the hotel

[Foreign Currency Exchange]
・IKEUCHI niseko:2 minutes on foot from the hotel
・Niseko Ground Service Office:7 minutes on foot from the hotel (next to the Welcome Center)

Can I go to a day trip to hot springs around the hotel?

Yes. Here is the link for more information about hot springs in Niseko.

Is there any hospital around the hotel?

・Niseko clinic:15 minutes by car from the hotel
・Kutchan hospital:15 minutes by car from the hotel